ADA Breaks in the New Year with a New Member-Inputted Strategic Plan

As a member-driven organization, ADA relies significantly on your input to determine its position on professional issues and to identify the strategic initiatives that will best serve our members.

We want to especially thank those ADA members who attended AuDacity and stayed through the Strategic Planning Session to provide their input.
During the strategic planning meeting, members assessed the current landscape of audiology and related industries, the current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats as those are applied to ADA and its members, and thoughtfully constructed the foundation for ADA’s Strategic Plan.

To view the updated Strategic Plan, click here.

Audiologists in attendance determined the five most important topics for ADA to pursue are:
  1. Protect audiology’s scope of practice from encroachment by other occupations and professions.
  2. Achieve professional parity with other clinical doctoring professions through LLP status (or equivalent) and direct access under Medicare and all public and private payors.
  3. Create/Facilitate a co-op, group purchasing organization (GPO), or buying group to leverage the lowest cost of goods for hearing aids and other products.
  4. Petition the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to remove regulations that pose barriers to patient access to audiologists.
  5. Provide tools, education and resources to assist audiologists in successfully expanding their service portfolios and creating innovative, sustainable, profitable models of care.
The members in attendance were seated in 14 tables and each table provided their own comments to the top five goals listed above. To read these comments, click here.

Please contact to provide additional comments for the board to consider, or to volunteer to help advance one or more of these objectives. We look forward to working with ADA members to accomplish the goals that they have identified.