ASHA Attempting Expansion of SLP Scope to Include Audiology Practice!

A recent ASHA Headlines email indicates that ASHA leaders advocate including hearing conservation in the SLP scope of practice “to promote the use of work-site hearing protection” as well as “institute school and community based hearing conservation programs.

In addition, ASHA’s Model Bill for State Licensure language provides that SLP’s scope of practice includes unsupervised “screening individuals for hearing loss or middle ear pathology using conventional pure-tone air conduction methods (including otoscopic inspection), otoacoustic emissions screening, and/or screening tympanometry.”

In a letter to ASHA leadership, ADA’s President Rita Chaiken, Au.D., wrote “ADA is vehemently opposed to the inappropriate expansion of the scope of practice of speech/language pathologists to include implementation and maintenance of hearing conservation programs in any venue." While the ASHA Board sent the SLP Scope of Practice document regarding hearing conservation back to committee to be less “ambiguously” reworded, your ADA Board reacted swiftly urging ASHA to remove the recommendation that hearing conservation be included in the SLP scope of practice. Additionally, wrote Dr. Chaiken, “ASHA should revise its model licensure language to reflect actual competencies and training of speech pathologists.”

Read the full letter here.

ADA urges its ASHA members to immediately contact ASHA leadership to demand the revision of the SLP scope of practice to eliminate services that are particular to the profession of audiology.

Contact ASHA today at to voice your concern.