Student Chapter


The purpose of the ADA Student Academy of Doctors of Audiology (SADA) is to serve the varied needs and concerns of student and emerging graduated members of ADA. SADA will collaborate with the ADA Board of Directors, ADA committees and others to develop educational resources and programming for students, participate in advocacy initiatives to advance student interests, and disseminate relevant information to students.

Chapter Council Members

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  • Jessica Pruett, Chair (will serve as the leader of SADA and serve as the liaison between the Chapter and the ADA Board of Directors)
  • Brittany Pasquarello, Vice-President (will assist the Chair in performing his/her duties and will serve as a liaison to the ADA Board of Directors in the Chair’s absence)
  • Chelsea Montgomery, Advocacy Chair (will serve as a liaison to the ADA advocacy committee and lead efforts to advance advocacy efforts that benefit Au.D. students)
  • Mary Swantek, Fundraising Chair (will work with the ADA executive director to lead efforts to identify funding sources for SADA initiatives)
  • Hannah Chase, Education Chair (will serve as a liaison to the ADA education committee, will lead efforts to develop educational programming and resources that will be useful to ADA student members)
  • Leah Horn, Membership Relations (will serve as a liaison to the ADA membership committee, will lead outreach efforts to promote ADA programs and services and SADA to Au.D. students)
  • Megan Conroy, Communication Chair(will lead efforts to develop and disseminate information to Au.D. students and other constituents about activities related to SADA and ADA student programming)


In accordance with the guidelines established for the Academy of Doctors of Audiology, SADA will be supported by the SADA Council. The Council will be comprised of a minimum of nine (9) ADA Student Members, who will serve for a one-year term, and who may be eligible for re-appointment. SADA Council Members are expected to attend monthly Council meetings via teleconference (every attempt will be made to schedule them at a time convenient to all) , to participate in Council projects by providing insight and expertise, and to support the mission and objectives of ADA and its student members. Note: We do recognize that university requirements and student obligations may prevent participation, particularly at certain times during the year.


Jessica Pruett, President
Jessica is a third year student at the University of South Alabama, where she also received her bachelor's degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences while minoring in sociology. Jessica's interests include the geriatric population, hearing technologies, and communication strategies. Her goal as a rising audiologist is to improve the quality of life for people with hearing difficulties while changing the way the profession of audiology is viewed by potential patients and other healthcare professionals.

Brittany Pasquarello, Vice President
Brittany Pasquarello is a fourth year student at Salus University in Philadelphia, PA. She received her bachelor’s degree in Speech Language Hearing Science at Temple University in 2014. Brittany is currently in her fourth year residency at Robert Wood Johnson University hospital in NJ. Her main areas of interest are electrophysiology and pediatric amplification. As vice president, she believes it is important to spread the word about the amazing resources ADA provides. She is passionate about getting more students involved in SADA in order to have a bigger impact on the field of Audiology.

Chelsea Montgomery, Advocacy Chair
Chelsea is a third year student at the University of South Florida. Chelsea values staying informed and pushing for positive change, and she wants to be involved professionally after graduation. Because Chelsea value ADA's commitment to promoting audiology as an autonomous profession, she would like to start that involvement now with SADA.

Hannah Chase, Education Chair
Hannah Chase is a fourth year student at Western Michigan University. Being in her fourth year, Hannah feels she has a bigger picture of what this graduate school experience is about. And she would love to share with other students how to handle the stress of school, clinic, doctoral projects, job searching, and using the resources we have!

Leah Horn, Membership Relations Chair
Leah Horn is a third year student at the University of South Alabama. Leah has been a member of SADA for a year and as she has progressed both in her academic program and in her knowledge of our field, she have developed a passion for advocating for our field. She has been observing our various professional organizations and she knows that ADA is a group that takes action. Leah wants to be more actively involved in shaping the future of our profession and she believes that contributing to SADA is her path to do just that.

Megan Conroy, Communication Chair
Megan is a third year student at Wayne State University. She has been a SADA student member for several years, as well as, a member of her local Wayne State University SAA chapter. Megan has been fortunate to participate in many fundraising, advocacy, and philanthropic events. It is through these experiences that she has grown to appreciate audiology as a profession and how to advocate for ourselves and our patients. The SADA provides the perfect opportunity to really represent my professional passions and beliefs. Megan looks forward to the opportunity to working alongside like minded individuals.

Mary Swantek, Fundraising Chair
Mary Swantek is a third year student at the University of Florida. She believes believe being involved as a student can open many doors for her future in audiology. It's also great opportunity to help lead our generation towards audiology as a more independent profession. Ideally,