As a busy practitioner, information is one of the most valuable assets that you have—and ADA is committed to getting relevant and timely information into your hands where and when you need it.

Web seminars or “webinars” are a fast and economical method for bringing bright content leaders and online attendees together in a meaningful way. Keeping up with cutting-edge, tools, trends and technologies—doesn’t have to mean waiting for a conference—and it also doesn’t have to mean getting “nickel-and-dimed”. ADA webinars are always free for members—it’s just one more reason to value your ADA membership.

If you have an idea for an ADA Healthy Practice Webinar, please contact ADA headquarters today!

View Past Webinars at the WebinArchive Below

Click on the links below to access the archive for past webinars. Note: some files are only available to ADA members.
  1. Non-Custom Amplification Devices: Navigating the Risks and Rewards
  2. Smartphone Applications for Independent Audiology Practices
  3. 2017 Coding, Reporting and Reimbursement Updates [ADA MEMBERS ONLY]
  4. ICD-10 Update [ADA MEMBERS ONLY]
  5. Chronic Disease and Hearing Loss
  6. ADA Student Webinar: A Personal Journey Into Private Practice [ADA MEMBERS ONLY]
  7. That’s Amore— Attracting New Patient Segments with Value-Based Products
  8. Groundhog Day - Dynamics, Disruptions and Making the Case for Change
  9. 2016 Coding and Reimbursement Update [ADA MEMBERS ONLY]
  10. Effective Online Marketing Strategies for Private Practice
  11. earVenture Town Meeting [ADA MEMBERS ONLY]
  12. ADA - ICD10 Live Chat [ADA MEMBERS ONLY]
  13. ADA and IAA - Aural Rehabilitation in Private Practice
  14. ADA ICD10: Effective Implementation In an Audiology Practice-Part 2
  15. Fiscal Management Part 2
  16. ADA ICD10: Effective Implementation in an Audiology Practice
  17. Fiscal Management Part 1
  18. ADA Getting Down To Business Webinar: 10 Minutes to a Profitable Price Structure
  19. ADA Getting Down To Business Webinar: How to Brand Your Practice
  20. Student Webinar on Readiness Management
  21. IHS/ADA Healthy Practice Webinar: Hearing Loops: How to Get Started in Your Community
  22. ADA Healthy Practice Webinar: Mindfulness Based Tinnitus Stress Reduction
  23. Pricing Strategies for Diagnostic and Treatment Services
  24. Are You Ready for Practice Ownership?
  25. Third Party Payers: Contracting, Credentialing and Renegotiation
  26. ADA Healthy Practice Webinar: HIPAA Security Compliance Training
  27. ADA Student Cerumen Management AuD-Talks [ADA MEMBER LOGIN REQUIRED]
  28. Antitrust Primer for ADA Association Members
  29. 18x18 Member Briefing (February 2014)
  30. 18x18 DC Fly-In Member Briefing [ADA MEMBER LOGIN REQUIRED]
  31. HIPAA 2013: What Every Audiologist Needs to Know to be Compliant
  32. 18x18 Member Briefing (December 2012)
  33. ADA Student Webinar: Owning Your Dream: Building a Private Audiology Practice from the Ground Up
  34. ADA Student Webinar: Procuring a Partnership Position in Private Practice
  35. High Frequency Audiometry: An Underutilized Clinical Tool
  36. Sustaining Growth in Challenging Times
  37. Bridging the Gap: Hearing Aids and Implantable Technology a Continuum of Care [ADA MEMBER LOGIN REQUIRED]
  38. Marketing and Hearing Aids: Capturing Patients BEFORE they Buy Online! [ADA MEMBER LOGIN REQUIRED]