Audiology Hackathon

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How the Audiology Hackathon will work:
  • Each session will allow teams and individuals to contribute to solve a shared problem or achieve a shared goal over 72 hours.
  • Participants will “hack” away at the specific problem in a collaborative fashion. There will be platforms to share ideas, articles, and resources.
  • There is no minimum time commitment, only the commitment to contribute your thoughts and ideas on topic. Participants may come in and out of the session as needed over the three-day duration. The session will run continually, allowing global participation.
  • You may register for all sessions, or register for single sessions. You may register individually or register an entire team (there will be multiple “virtual rooms” for collaboration).
  • All of the tools and resources developed through the hackathon will be shared with the entire audiology community and stakeholders.
  • All sessions will be conducted remotely using whiteboard and video conferencing software.
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