ADA AuDition - Detail View

Position Name: Au.D. Partner
Practice Name: Hearing & Balance Doctors of Utah
Location: St. George, UT
Available Date: August 24, 2017
Post Date: August 24, 2017
Job Responsibilities: Perform diagnostic audiologic evaluations, videonystagmography testing, VEMP testing, ABR testing (on both newborns and adults -- for both threshold determination as well as otoneurologic examinations), tinnitus testing, tinnitus counseling, wax removal (using curette, suction, and irrigation), hearing aid selection, hearing aid fittings, aural rehabilitation, and regular seminars in our community.
Job Qualifications: Au.D. Degree Self Starter Excellent patient relation skills Ability and desire to grow the business
Job Benefits: Vacation & Holidays Off Autonomy for the day to day operations of the clinic Excellent pay
Other Details: The position we are needing is for the Henderson and Boulder City, Nevada area. We are a busy and fast-paced private-practice clinic that goes to every extent to ensure we improve the outlook and quality of life of each and every patient. We believe in a Medical Team Approach. In our clinics, we only employ Doctors of Audiology, and they work alongside Certified Audiology Assistants. We do this with two purposes in mind – provide the best patient outcomes and the absolute most enjoyable patient experience possible. We believe that with every interaction inside our clinics, we have the opportunity to learn something. We are excited to learn from you!