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American Tinnitus Practitioners

Service/Product Type: Business and marketing consulting services

ATP is a website that connects those Americans with bothersome tinnitus with professionals who can help. ATP will promote our network members through both internet and print advertising.


Service/Product Type: Medical records management systems and software

CounselEAR is an exciting online tool that enables audiologists to rapidly create customized counseling summaries, chart notes, and professional audiologic reports. Reports can be easily faxed/emailed directly from CounselEAR eliminating the need for printing. In addition, CounselEAR is compatible with Noah and OMSs allowing you to seamlessly transfer audiometric data with only a few clicks. Improve what patients remember and make your clinic more efficient and effective. Anytime, Anywhere Online.

Hearing HealthCare News

Service/Product Type: Business and marketing consulting services

Register for a free customized patient or physician newsletter. We have produced customized newsletters for hundreds of our fellow audiologists since 1986. Subscribers also receive the Practice Development Program, with dozens of tips and strategies that stimulate practice growth by improving patient retention, increasing sales to current patients, and increasing referrals from patients and physicians.


Service/Product Type: Audiologic testing equipment and supplies

At Interacoustics we design and manufacture equipment across the whole audiological spectrum. Our products range from small portable devices to full clinical instruments and can be found all over the world wherever hearing health care is practiced. This is one of our strengths, because it enables us to provide integrated solutions whatever your situation. And with more than 40 years experience, you can be sure we have the insight required to make solutions that work for you.

Lantos Technologies

Service/Product Type: Assistive listening devices

Lantos Technologies offers a proprietary, digital ear-mapping technology invented at MIT. We capture over 100,000 data points from the outer ear all the way down to the ear drum, creating a personalized, unique map of the ear. The data is then used to create true-to-you products for all your ear needs. The system is portable, easy to use, and provides constant visibility into the ear throughout the entire procedure, putting both the patient and the audiologist at ease. This quick and simple procedure takes just 90 seconds per ear and eliminates the need for messy, silicone ear mold impressions.

MAICO Diagnostics

Service/Product Type: Audiologic testing equipment and supplies

For more than seven decades MAICO has been an innovator in audiological instruments, developing, producing and distributing reliable products ranging from hearing screening to diagnostic solutions. MAICO has grown over the years to fulfill the specialized needs of the growing field of audiology. From screening audiometers for school nurses and General Practitioners to complex diagnostic instruments for in-depth examination, MAICO provides novel and efficient tools for hearing professionals.

Rayovac Corp.

Service/Product Type: Batteries

Rayovac is the world's largest manufacturer of premium hearing aid batteries. Rayovac ProLine hearing aid batteries are the world's best and are supported by professional product consultants and an array of value-added services. Please contact us to see how we can help provide your patients with the world's best batteries, Rayovac ProLine.

Salus University Osborne College of Audiology

Service/Product Type: Educational books and materials

The Osborne College of Audiology provides many outstanding educational opportunities including an on-campus AuD Program, an online AuD-Bridge Program, several online Advanced Studies Certificate Programs (cochlear implant studies, tinnitus studies, vestibular studies) and online Continuing Education Courses.

SHOEBOX Audiometry

Service/Product Type: Audiologic testing equipment and supplies

SHOEBOX Audiometry, the world's first automated iPad audiometer, is an FDA listed diagnostic audiometer and the ideal choice for mobile clinics. Thanks to our smart background noise monitoring it has even been clinically validated for use outside of a sound booth. SHOEBOX offers an automated testing mode that functions like playing a game, and those who require a full range of clinically advanced audiometric capabilities the system can be operated in manual mode.

SoundCure, Inc.

Service/Product Type: Audiologic testing equipment and supplies

Serenade is a new sound therapy system for the relief of tinnitus. Simple to use and customized to each patient, Serenade's digital signal processing system is based on the relationship between specific tonal algorithms and their effects. Serenade combines multiple sound therapy approaches in one device, offering 3 types of soft treatment sounds. It includes S-Tones - novel, temporally patterned sounds customized to each patient; SleepAssist, for relief while sleeping; Independent left/right volume controls; And data logging records patient usage. Serenade is appropriate for every type of tinnitus practice. Become a provider today!