Student Chapter


The purpose of the ADA Student Academy of Doctors of Audiology (SADA) is to serve the varied needs and concerns of student and emerging graduated members of ADA. SADA will collaborate with the ADA Board of Directors, ADA committees and others to develop educational resources and programming for students, participate in advocacy initiatives to advance student interests, and disseminate relevant information to students.

Chapter Council Members

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  • Amber Emerson, Chair (will serve as the leader of SADA and serve as the liaison between the Chapter and the ADA Board of Directors)
  • Farris Chappell, Vice-President (will assist the Chair in performing his/her duties and will serve as a liaison to the ADA Board of Directors in the Chair’s absence)
  • Jessica Pruett, Advocacy Chair (will serve as a liaison to the ADA advocacy committee and lead efforts to advance advocacy efforts that benefit Au.D. students)
  • Vacant, Fundraising Chair (will work with the ADA executive director to lead efforts to identify funding sources for SADA initiatives)
  • Katie Dellorso, Education Chair (will serve as a liaison to the ADA education committee, will lead efforts to develop educational programming and resources that will be useful to ADA student members)
  • Brittany Pasquarello, Membership Relations (will serve as a liaison to the ADA membership committee, will lead outreach efforts to promote ADA programs and services and SADA to Au.D. students)
  • Natalie Loyola, Communication Chair(will lead efforts to develop and disseminate information to Au.D. students and other constituents about activities related to SADA and ADA student programming)


In accordance with the guidelines established for the Academy of Doctors of Audiology, SADA will be supported by the SADA Council. The Council will be comprised of a minimum of nine (9) ADA Student Members, who will serve for a one-year term, and who may be eligible for re-appointment. SADA Council Members are expected to attend monthly Council meetings via teleconference (every attempt will be made to schedule them at a time convenient to all) , to participate in Council projects by providing insight and expertise, and to support the mission and objectives of ADA and its student members. Note: We do recognize that university requirements and student obligations may prevent participation, particularly at certain times during the year.


Amber Emerson, President
Amber Emerson is a student at A.T. Still University and is currently completing her 4th year rotation at the University of Oklahoma. Amber loves the variety of patients she gets to serve in the University hospital setting. Previously, Amber was the SADA Advocacy Chair.

Farris Chappell, Vice President
Working as the fundraiser chair for the past 2 year, Farris is excited to move to Vice President where she will work closely with the President and all other chairs on the board. Farris is a student at. A. T. Still University in Mesa, Arizona, but is currently living in Seattle, WA, where she is completing her 4th year rotation at the Puget Sound VA. Farris loves working with the adult population and feel like she making a difference by helping the veterans who have served our country!

Jessica Pruett, Advocacy Chair
Jessica is a second year student at the University of South Alabama, where she also received her bachelor's degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences while minoring in sociology. Jessica's interests include the geriatric population, hearing technologies, and communication strategies. Her goal as a rising audiologist is to improve the quality of life for people with hearing difficulties while changing the way the profession of audiology is viewed by potential patients and other healthcare professionals.

Katie Dellorso, Education Chair
Katie Dellorso is a fourth year student at the University of Massachusetts - Amherst and is doing her residency at a private practice in Massachusetts.. She also received her bachelor’s in Communication Disorders at UMass while minoring in education. She currently teaches undergraduate courses within the education and public health colleges. Her main area of interest is hearing aids and amplification technologies. She enjoys being an advocate for change and helping patients to hear better. In her free time she enjoys going for walks with her dog, trying new recipes and traveling to new places.

Brittany Pasquarello, Membership Relations Chair
Brittany Pasquarello is a third year student at Salus University in Philadelphia, PA. She received her bachelor’s degree in Speech Language Hearing Science at Temple University in 2014. Her interests include hearing loss prevention, geriatrics, and amplification. As membership relations chair, Brittany believes it is important to spread the word about the amazing resources ADA provides. She is passionate about getting more students involved in SADA in order to have a bigger impact on the field of Audiology. In her spare time she enjoys practicing yoga, walking her dog in the city, and trying new restaurants.

Natalie Loyola, Communication Chair
Originally, from Napa Valley, CA, Natalie earned her BA degree in Communications Sciences from San Diego State University and is currently a member of the A.T. Still University Doctor of Audiology Class of 2017. She currently resides in Boston, MA where she is completing my 4th year externship at Boston Children's Hospital. In Natalie's spare time she enjoys spending time with family and friends, hiking, traveling, and indulging in food and wine.