Today’s Au.D. Students Building Bright Future for Audiology

Ask a Future Audiologist

If the future of audiology hinges on the passion, professionalism and perseverance of today’s Au.D. students, then the future will be bright indeed!

ADA student members have established a Student Initiatives Committee, which is developing ADA’s Student Virtual Chapter, coordinating student educational programming, and identifying and implementing resources that will help prepare today’s students to achieve ownership positions within the profession of audiology in the future.

Calling all students!! Please contact to get involved. After a thoughtful dialogue and some additional research, the ADA Student Initiatives Committee has already identified five areas of focus:
  • Fostering Meaningful Mentoring Opportunities
  • Coordinating Innovative Research Opportunities
  • Understanding Certification and State Licensure Requirements
  • Growing the Number of Extern Experiences in Private Practice Settings
  • Developing Resources Related to Private Practice Management

According to ADA’s 2011 Future Doctors of Audiology Survey, 95 percent of respondents believe that the business training provided by their universities is insufficient, only 70 percent of respondents have completed a clinical rotation in a private practice, while 90 percent of respondents believe that autonomous practice models will help ensure the future of the profession of audiology.

ADA is seeking mentors for both the long-term and convention mentoring programs. Please contact me at or at 866-493-5544 or Dr. Kim Cavitt at, to find out how you can make a difference as an ADA mentor!

ADA would like to thank Oticon, Inc. for generously underwriting ADA student memberships for students interested in private practice.

The Academy of Doctors of Audiology is committed to supporting students of the Doctor of Audiology with timely information and resources to excel in the profession of Audiology.

Comprehensive student benefits are offered to student members, including full access to member-only areas of the ADA Website, scholarship opportunities and reduced fees for registration and conventions.

Networking is critical to the long-term growth of any successful practice. ADA encourages students to build the foundation of a rich networking base with peers and professionals by volunteering at ADA conferences and other events. Stay involved. Stay connected through ADA.