2018 Lobby Day

Thank you to everyone that join us for our 2018 Lobby Day in Washington D.C. It was a phenomenal day and we collectively met with staff from more than 125 Congressional offices, as well as White House health policy staff.

We made tremendous progress, but the work is not done! We appreciate your attention to the following requests and reminders.

  1. If you have pictures that you have not shared, please send them to Adam at ahaley@audiologist.org and he will make sure that they are published here on the website.
  2. Please complete and email your evaluation sheets or send them in via fax at: 859-271-0607. Please include any special notes regarding questions or requested follow-up information and we will be glad to follow up with each office.
  3. If you did not get a t-shirt and you would like one please contact Adam and we will make sure you get one.

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