Hear for You

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Hear for You is a national campaign, designed to highlight the expertise and quality patient care provided by you, ADA member practitioners, and to foster recognition of the autonomous practice of audiology.

Please take the links below to the Hear for You materials, which will assist you in providing education, outreach and limited “no charge” services such as pure tone hearing screenings (which do not conflict with Medicare directives) to the general public. The Hear for You materials were created to be customized by you for your practice, in an effort to assist you in raising awareness about hearing healthcare and hearing loss prevention in your community, during Audiology Awareness Month (October) and throughout the year.

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Please contact Stephanie Czuhajewski for more information about Hear for You, or for assistance in developing a community outreach plan for your practice.


Better Hearing Month Resources

Preview the ADA Better Hearing Month resources below.


Age-Related Resources

Thank you to Barbara Weinstein, Ph.D. and Brian Taylor, Au.D. for their work on the resources below.

  • Primer on Age-Related Hearing Loss
  • Clinical Decision Support Tool: Why Audiologic Serves Are Considered High Value
  • Communication Skills are Fundamental to Patient Centered Care
  • Communication Strategies by Health Care Setting
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Functional Consequences of Age Related Hearing Loss
  • General Communication Strategies
  • Hallmarks of Age Related Hearing Loss
  • Hearing Health Care Action and Planning Form
  • Hearing Loss Versus Senile Dementia
  • Hearing RX
  • How to Use a Pocket Talker
  • Patient Education Discussion Points About Age Related Hearing Loss
  • Strategies for Promoting Successful Use of Hearing Aids
  • Tips on Improving Communication with Patients or Caregivers with Age Related Hearing Loss


Other Marketing Resources

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