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Podiatry and Diabetes Care: Working Together to Manage Diabetes

Presented by:

  • Dr. Dennis Frisch, DPM
  • Recorded: Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Positioning Professional Care

Presented by:

  • David Smriga, M.A.
  • Gregory Frazer, Au.D.
  • Dale Thorstad
  • Source: AuDacity 2018

Practice Trends in Hearing Health

Presented by:

  • Amyn Amlani, Ph.D.
  • Source: AuDacity 2018

PPOD & Audiology, a National Diabetes Education Program

Presented by:

  • Pamela Allweiss, MD, MPH
  • Recorded: Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Procuring a Partnership Position in Private Practice

Presented by:

  • Eric Hagberg, AuD
  • Audra Brooks, AuD
  • Recorded: Thursday, 21 June 2012