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Categories starting with R

Items starting with R

Relationships, Referrals and Resources

Presented by:

  • Thomas J. Tedeschi, Au.D.
  • Robert Tysoe, BSc.
  • Maryann Nikander, Au.D.
  • Stacy O’Brien, Au.D.
  • Nicole Pavol
  • Source: AuDacity 2018

Rapid Fire Sessions

Presented by:

  • Alicia Spoor, Au.D.
  • Elizabeth Rogers, Au.D.
  • Debbie Abel, Au.D.
  • Danielle Dorner, Au.D.
  • Jason Leyendecker, Au.D.
  • Dusty Jessen, Au.D.
  • Source: AuDacity 2018

Readiness Management

Presented by:

  • Donald J. Schum, PhD
  • Recorded: Wednesday, 25 March 2015