Conference History

2018: Orlando, FL
AuDacity – Bolder than Ever

2017: Uncasville, CT
AuDacity – Defy Convention

2016: San Diego, CA.
AuDacity – Date to Succeed

2015: Washington, D.C.
Capitol Ideas

2014: Las Vegas, Nevada
Going All In For Audiology

2013: Bonita Springs, Florida
Great Transformations: Take Your Practice from Ordinary to Extraordinary

2012: Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix Rising: Taking Audiology Above and Beyond

2011: Bonita Springs, FL
Rock the Boat: How to Practice, Manage, and Lead in Rough Waters

2010: San Antonio, TX
Ideas So BIG Only Texas Can Hold ‘Em

2009: Clearwater Beach, FL

2008: Las Vegas, NV
Viva Best Practices

2007: Orlando, FL
Launching Your Practice for Success

2006: Scottsdale, AZ
Celebrating our History, Charting our Future

2005: Savannah, GA
Full Steam Ahead

2004: Tucson, AZ
Audiology Roundup: Brand Me Au.D.

2003: Fort Myers, FL
Share, Rattle and Roll

2002: Palm Springs, CA
Rock Your World

2001: Asheville, NC
Appreciating the Past: Envisioning the Future

2000: San Diego, CA
The New Age

1999: Bermuda
Surf the Wave of Success

1998: Monterey, CA
Au.D. Passport to the Future

1997: Orlando, FL
It's a Changing World After All

1996: Las Vegas, NV
20th Anniversary of AD

1995: Myrtle Beach, SC
Renaissance: The Winds of Change Hear PO First Audiology, Provider Network

1994: Palm Springs, CA
Reach For Excellence: Heat up your practice in the Desert. Audiology Awareness &: Recreational Audiology

1993: Phoenix, Arizona
Mini convention Clearwater, FL Beach the Recession: Surviving the 90's

1992: Bal Harbor, FL
Back to the Beach: First Cerumen Management Course

1991: Tucson, AZ
Treat Yourself to Tucson

1990: Hilton Head, SC

1989: Phoenix, AZ
New Frontiers: First Joel Wernick Education Award to David Goldstein.

1988: Orlando, FL
Jerger announces the formation of AAA

1987: San Diego, CA
10th Anniversary: Sea World Closes For ADA!

1986: Lake of the Ozarks, MO
Experience Mountain Magic topic: becoming part of an HMO

1985: Bel Harbor, FL
200 Attendees and 300 Members

1984: Fall San Francisco, CA

1984: Spring Tucson, AZ
Treat Yourself to Tucson

1983: Fall Cincinnati, OH

1983: Spring St. Charles, IL
5th Conference "Interaction Education and Relaxation" theme: Use a computer in your practice

1982: Fall Toronto, Canada

1982: Spring Williamsburg, VA
Learn the History &: Touch the Strength of Past

1981: Orlando, FL
Inventing the Future of Hearing Health Care. "Are you committed to surviving and to earn minimal the first 2 years?" Bevan

1980: Reno, NV
First Disaster

1978: San Francisco, CA
Business Aspects of Hearing Aid Dispensing

1977: Cape Cod, MA
First National Conference

1976: Colorado Springs, CO
Where it all began