Friday, 07 June 2019

ADA’s AuDition—Setting the Stage for Audiology’s Future

Posted in ADA News

With the help of ADA member stakeholders, ADA recently made some improvements to the AuDition career connection platform. AuDition is setting the stage for audiologists and audiology students to train, practice, partner, hire, buy, sell, and succeed. It is the only matching system designed specifically for audiologists, Au.D. students, and practice owners. ADA's AuDition system brings audiology’s present and future together to achieve mutual goals.

If you are looking for an extern/externship, professional position, partnership, or practice to buy or sell, please visit AuDition.

Potential Preceptors: Give back to the profession by being part of the training of future audiologists. If you’re not sure where to begin, head over to AuDition, set up your profile, and connect with students seeking an externship! If you're interested in taking on a student extern, remember to click the "Externships Available" tab.

How do I use the ADA AuDition system?

  1. Complete your profile (buyer, seller, student, employee, preceptor, partner, etc.).
  2. Include your curriculum vitae (C.V.), key practice information, specialties, and a personal statement.
  3. Browse opportunities.
  4. Contact individuals who have opportunities that interest you.