Monday, 01 June 2020

AuDacity Program Forges Ahead: Expands Programming and Collaboration in Unique Virtual Venue

Posted in ADA News

When it comes to social distancing, six feet can feel like six million miles. Conventional conventions may be out of the question right now, but our urge to come together to connect, learn, share, grow, and socialize is stronger than ever. If necessity is the mother of invention, and discontent is the father of progress, then perhaps AuDacity is the cool aunt who encourages both children to dream bigger.

In that spirit, the AuDacity 2020 Planning Committee, co-chaired by Dr. David Citron and Dr. Amyn Amlani, dreamed up a conference program so big and so innovative, it cannot be contained in Texas or confined to any physical location. AuDacity is moving to a virtual venue!