Thursday, 16 April 2020

Check Out the Spring 2020 Issue of Audiology Practices

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The latest issue of ADA's quarterly magazine, Audiology Practices, is now available online.

Our lead article from Amyn M. Amlani, Ph.D., Pricing in Hearing Healthcare: Which Race Are You Running?, addresses the issue of market segmentation and the effects of reduced retail pricing and health insurance on consumer decision-making.

In hearing healthcare, price continues to be a hot-button topic of discussion among consumers, providers, advocacy groups, legislators, professional organizations, and manufacturers of consumer electronic products and traditional hearing aids. The fundamental issue is that consumers and their supporters believe the costs associated with and the value received in treating impaired hearing are misaligned. This disparity is one reason that impaired listeners do not adopt or delay adopting amplification technology, despite its positive effects on improved quality of life. However, rather than focusing its value-proposition of enhanced service delivery, the supply-side of the market is hedging a bet that reduced retail prices will entice a marked uptick in impaired listeners purchasing amplification technology. Read more.

Other articles available in the Spring 2020 issue include:

Plus, our regular features:

Past articles of Audiology Practices are also available online.