How to Create a New Social Norm for Hearing

Society’s attitudes towards hearing directly affect whether individuals will avoid or approach our practice, and whether they will be open to using hearing technology. So when we look at how little the rate of hearing aid adoption has changed over the years, and how hearing loss in teenagers has increased, it strongly indicates that society’s attitudes are currently working against people’s best interests… as well as making our own roles harder.

As hearing care professionals we can choose to simply react to those attitudes, or we can proactively work to shape them – before a person even comes through our doors. In this presentation we’ll be looking at why society has the attitude it currently does (and hearing care’s guilty secret), the tools we can use to shape those attitudes, and what society’s attitudes must look like if we want to experience an increase in hearing aid adoption.

Part 2 will cover a systematic approach for creating the right conditions for someone to say yes to hearing care. We’ll see how we can use it in our own daily practice, business planning, marketing strategies and joint projects to ensure that the words we use, the messages we present and the associations we build all send signals that tell people to approach hearing care, rather than avoid it. This session will contain plenty of practical examples – so bring your note pad along, and examples of your own marketing material, and you’ll return to your practice equipped to create the new future of hearing care.