Hearing and Balance Disorders from Diabetes


Monday, 23 July 2018

There is a humanitarian issue for early detection of adult hearing loss in assessing the impact of chronic disease on hearing and balance. Undetected hearing loss causes confusion, isolation and depression, in addition to poor job performance, loss of wages and poor family communication. Undetected balance issues increase the risk of falls and magnify the medical costs and trauma to the patient and to the medical system.

Primary care physicians, internal medicine and endocrinology physicians must understand the pervasiveness and incidence of diabetes related ear disease, especially now with the CDC’s recognition of the problem. For many years the conditions of foot neuropathy, diabetic eye disease, and dental and pharmacy oversight have been recognized by the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) in the United States. Audiology professional organizations (AAA and ADA) are working to define inclusion of hearing and balance/ falls risk patient care for this new comorbidity.

This webinar will equip audiologists with the supporting information and use of the power point in state cohorts 1) to raise awareness of this condition and 2) to advocate for audiological medical management.