Friday, 14 June 2019

New Written Recommendation for Hearing Aid Document Now Available

Posted in ADA News

Visit the ADA Practice Resource Catalogue and take advantage of complimentary members-only documents, located at the bottom of the page, including the recently added Written Recommendation for Hearing Aids, which is required by United Healthcare Commercial Insurance plans who offer hearing aid coverage and benefits. While this form is similar to a medical clearance waiver, it contains the specific language (written recommendation for hearing aids) outlined by the United Healthcare medical policy. This form is provided in a Word format.

Other Member Documents include:

  • Medical Clearance
  • Medical Waiver
  • Customized Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN) - Required
  • Customized Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN) - Voluntary

Please note, you must be logged in to download the complimentary documents and to take advantage of the member discount on all ADA products.