The Craig W. Johnson Audiology Advocate Award

The Craig W. Johnson Audiology Advocate Award has been established to honor the memory and accomplishments of Craig W. Johnson (1952-2013). The Craig W. Johnson Audiology Advocate Award is presented annually to an individual who has made significant contributions to the profession of audiology through federal and/or state advocacy.

Craig W. Johnson, Au.D., founded Audiology Associates, Inc., and became the first private practitioner in the State of Maryland in 1977. His practice eventually grew to eight locations.

Dr. Johnson worked tirelessly to advocate for pro-patient and pro-audiology legislation at the state and national levels over the entire course of his career. He was a founding member of the Maryland Academy of Audiology (MAA), where he served as president in 1997 and as MAA Legislative Chair from 1996-2013. Dr. Johnson served on the ADA Board of Directors from 1998 – 2007 and also served as Chairman of the Government Affairs Committee and Chairman of the Political Action Committee for the American Academy of Audiology (AAA).

Dr. Johnson contributed to many legislative achievements including improvements to Workman’s Compensation, the establishment of infant hearing screenings, patient choice in the selection of hearing aids and the provision of a $1,400 benefit per hearing aid for federal government workers.

The Joel Wernick Award

The Joel Wernick Award is presented in recognition of an outstanding educational contribution within the profession of audiology or hearing science. Eligibility for the Joel Wernick Award is open to all individuals and institutions/organizations.

First presented in 1989, this award honors Joel Wernick, Ph.D., who was an active supporter of the Academy from its inception in 1977, until his death in 1988 at the age of 48 years. Dr. Wernick was a prominent scientist, teacher, author and industry executive that exemplified service through his commitment to dispenser education and his willingness to share his own knowledge for the benefit of his peers and the profession. A beloved figure within the audiology profession, his life was a shining example of excellence that combined rich personal and professional interests and good humor.

The Leo Doerfler Award

The Leo Doerfler Award is awarded to recognize an audiologist who has demonstrated outstanding clinical services in the community throughout his/her career. Eligibility for the Doerfler Award is open to ADA members who are private practitioners.

The Leo Doerfler Award, created in 2003, honors ADA 's founding President, Dr. Leo Doerfler, a practitioner who is remembered as one of audiology’s true pioneers. In 1948, Dr. Doerfler became the second person in history to earn a Ph.D. in audiology, after which he founded the audiology program at the University of Pittsburgh. He defied convention and defined the future of the audiology profession when, at 57, he left academia to start a private dispensing audiology practice. Dr. Doerfler was an early leader in the movement to make the Au.D. the professional doctorate in audiology. Read more about Dr. Doerfler. The Leo Doerfler Award is the Academy of Doctors of Audiology’s most prestigious professional recognition.

The David Goldstein Award

The David Goldstein Award recognizes the accomplishments of an audiologist who has made significant contributions to the profession by promoting the transformation of audiology to a doctoral profession with the Au.D. as its distinctive designator. The award also holds as core values the importance of setting an example for future audiologists as well as excellence in providing quality patient care.

The award, first presented by the Audiology Foundation of America (AFA) in 2005 honors Dr. David Goldstein, founding chair of the AFA, for his devotion to the improvement of education for future audiologists and the promotion of the Au.D. degree. Dr. Goldstein is professor emeritus, audiology, at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN. ADA is pleased to continue this important tradition.

The Audiology Awareness Award

The Audiology Awareness Award is presented to an individual who is recognized for promoting the recognition of Audiology as the profession of hearing and balance care.

Hearing Industry Leadership Award

The Hearing Industry Leadership Award is presented to a company that has exemplified the spirit of ADA through its commitment to supporting educational activities that promote best business and clinical practices in audiology.