Eric Hagberg, Au.D.

Advocacy & Public Policy Committee, Chair: Eric Hagberg, Au.D.

Guides federal and state advocacy initiatives that serve ADA and its members, including those that seek to optimize audiology’s scope of practice, improve reimbursement models for audiologists and the services that they provide, and advance the autonomous practice of audiology.

Angela Morris, Au.D.

Accreditation Committee, Chair: Angela Morris, Au.D.

Provides direction and oversight of the ADA Audiology Practice Accreditation Program, including standards-setting, program development, and operational management, in collaboration with staff and the ADA Board of Directors

 Brian Taylor

Audiology Practices, Chair: Brian Taylor

Provides editorial input on content for Audiology Practices, assists with the development of themes and the recruitment of authors. Provides editorial review at the direction of the Editor-in-Chief.

 Chrissy Lemley, Au.D.

Early Career Resources Committee, Chairs: Chrissy Lemley, Au.D.

Develops tools and resources that support leadership for early career audiologists with and emphasis in business and practice management.

David Citron, Ph.D.

Education Committee, Chair: David Citron, Ph.D.

Evaluates the educational needs of the audiology profession, develops educational programming which is responsive to those needs and delivers that programming through the most educationally effective and financially efficient manner, including live convention courses, webinars and through electronic and printed media.


Member Publications & Resources, Chair: OPEN

Identifies and develops resources and materials for ADA members

Ram Nileshwar, Au.D.

Nominating Committee, Chair: Ram Nileshwar, Au.D.

Implements the Academy of Doctors of Audiology's election processes.


Practice Finance Working Group, Chair: OPEN

Identifies opportunities and models for financing private audiology practices to encourage more audiologists to become business owners.

Kate Witham

Student Academy of Doctors of Audiology (SADA), Chair: Kate Witham

Serves the varied needs and concerns of student and emerging graduated members of ADA.

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