Types of Memberships

The ADA Website Subscription is available for non-audiologists (audiologists are not eligible for this subscription service), office personnel and industry partners. The subscription should be purchased in the name of the subscriber not that of an audiologist, practice or company. The subscription provides access to the ADA website, our e-blasts and newsletters, and Audiology Practices magazine. Website subscription members do not have access to no charge CEUs through our webinar series, discounted member rates on convention registration or Practice Catalog purchases and consulting services provided by Kimberly Cavitt, Au.D. Audiology Resources, Inc. (unless the subscription holder is the staff person of an ADA member audiologist). Sign up for your subscription today!


($400 per calendar year)
Open to all audiologists who hold a doctoral level degree. Please note: Graduates of an accredited AuD program, who are current Student members in good standing, will receive their first year’s Fellow membership following graduation, free of charge.


($350 per calendar year)
Open to any individual who possesses a graduate degree in audiology or an allied profession and who supports the activities and goals of the ADA, but who does not meet any of the membership criteria for Fellowship. Associate members are non-voting members of the Academy.

Audiology Assistants

($95 per calendar year)
Open to any individual who serves as an audiologist assistant, working under the supervision of an audiologist who is an ADA fellow member. The Audiology Assistant Application is also available for download.


($50 per calendar year)
Open to students currently enrolled in a full-time Au.D. program in a regionally accredited university, who support the activities of ADA. Individuals enrolled in an Au.D. distance learning program who hold a graduate degree in audiology are not eligible for student membership.

Practice Membership

($1200 per calendar year)
This bundled membership option will allow all eligible audiologists and audiologist assistants from one practice to receive member benefits. Each practice will receive one issue per mailing of Audiology Practices magazine.

Online Subscriptions

($50 per calendar year)
ADA now offers a convenient resource subscription for those who are ineligible for ADA fellow, associate or life membership, but who will benefit from access to many of the resources available through ADA and its website. The $50 annual subscription is ideal for practice managers, industry representatives and billing and coding professionals who would like ongoing access to ADA’s library of resources and up-to-date association news.

Lifetime Membership

Open to members who are retired and have at least 15 years of membership in ADA. Members who qualify may purchase lifetime membership for a one-time fee of $525. This will entitle member to all rights and privileges for as many years as they choose to participate in ADA thereafter. Once approved, lifetime members will not be asked to renew annually or at any time in the future.

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