Future Audiologists

If the future of audiology hinges on the passion, professionalism and perseverance of today’s Au.D. students, then the future will be bright indeed!

ADA student members established the Student Academy of Doctors of Audiology (SADA) to coordinate student educational programming, and identify and introduce resources that will help prepare today’s students to achieve ownership positions within the profession of audiology in the future.

Calling all students!! Please contact Adam Haley to get involved. After a thoughtful dialogue and some additional research, SADA has already identified five areas of focus:

  1. Fostering Meaningful Mentoring Opportunities
  2. Coordinating Innovative Research Opportunities
  3. Understanding Certification and State Licensure Requirements
  4. Growing the Number of Extern Experiences in Private Practice Settings
  5. Developing Resources Related to Private Practice Management

Student Resources