Student Scholarship Competition

For our 2018 Student Scholarships we are introducing a friendly bit of competition! For each different advocacy activity we have assigned a point value and the top scores will be displayed here. The top 5 scoring students will be awarded a scholarship to attend ADA’s 18x18 Spring Capitol Fly-In on June 13, 2018.

Entries can be submitted to ADA’s Government Affairs Coordinator, Adam Haley.



Fundraising: $1 / 1 point (click here)

Emailing/Calling a Legislator: 1 point per/contact (limit once per week)
Advocacy Pitch Video: 100 points + 1 point / 10 views
Legislator Visit/Selfie:

  • Townhall: 50 points
  • Fundraiser: 100 points
  • Practice/School Visit: 500 points

Social Media: On any of the above bonus points will be awarded for sharing activities on social media. Points will be awarded for each “Like” or equivalent per social media channel. Shares/Reposts will be 5 points. Posts will need have to have ADA tagged or be shared.