Academy of Doctors of Audiology

Mentor Program


Mentoring Facts

  • The time commitment for mentoring varies and should be established and agreed-upon by you and your mentee.
  • Mentees may be audiology students or practicing audiologists.
  • Be sure that you establish channels and protocols to contact each other (via email, telephone, etc.).
  • Introduce yourself by phone, or by a brief email when you receive your mentee assignment.
  • Arrange a convenient time to speak.
  • Suggest and solicit potential topics.
  • Agree on boundaries (practical and ethical) and confidentiality.
  • Exchange curricula vitae (CV) or resumes prior to the first meeting so you already know pertinent professional information.
  • Set aside about an hour for the first meeting with your mentee. Use this hour to learn about other aspects of your mentee’s life. Share core values, interests or hobbies.
  • Discuss your expectations and your needs with your mentee and discuss their needs and expectations.
  • Devise a meeting schedule and plan to meet at least monthly with your mentee. Work with your mentee on short- and long-term goals for the relationship.
  • For each meeting:
    • Be an active listener
    • Review the notes and action items from the last meeting.
    • Discuss any successes or challenges that the mentee has experienced since the last meeting.
    • When possible, share personal experiences or challenges as they relate to the mentee’s experiences.
    • Continue to review the goals as established in the beginning of the relationship.
    • Briefly summarize the meeting and discuss action items for the next meeting.
  • The relationship facilitated by ADA will include a no-fault termination, meaning either party can terminate the mentoring arrangement at any time with no hard feelings and no consequences.